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Amanda Seyfried recorded this when she starred in the film ‘Red Riding Hood’ Originally by Sam the Sham.

Really beautiful song, please like, comment and subscribe and all that wonderful stuff!

COMING TOMORROW: Nice little beach cover for you, another one of my favorite NASHVILLE tracks! 

Why is it that every time I meet #taylorswift I’m asleep and dreaming? #frustrating @taylorswift13 #taylorswifttaughtme #taylor #beautiful

Why is it that every time I meet #taylorswift I’m asleep and dreaming? #frustrating @taylorswift13 #taylorswifttaughtme #taylor #beautiful

Had some business cards made didn’t I? #awesomesauce

Had some business cards made didn’t I? #awesomesauce


Announcements have been made about the last 2 albums during my summer break at school - usually August time.
Both of those albums were released October time.
That’s means if Taylor’s planning on releasing the album in October then we should get information and the first single very very soon!


I’ve been getting ideas lately that I would like to record an album. Obviously I don’t have a record label behind me so it wouldn’t go worldwide but i really like the idea of all the songs I love and have worked so hard at producing would be on an album for people  who follow me to buy!

 I know what tracks I would want on this album and I already know what I want to call it. The only things I need to figure out is how to go about actually making the physical album, who i need to contact to get it put on Itunes and I also need to earn a lot of money to pay for the recording equipment I need and the mixing software. 

 So really, to do this is going to take a lot of investing and as a 15 year old with a small, saturday job its going to take me a while to raise the funds and I need to know whether or not it’s going to be worth it.


If this is something you think is a good idea, if you would listen to this album if I did make it - I want you to like my facebook page if you have an account because that’s the easiest way for me to see how many people are behind me. (my goal is to have 1,500 likes by the time I commit to making the album so if you wanted to invite any friends please do!)

If you don’t have facebook then please follow this tumblr account and this will also keep you posted on album news. 

Finally, if there are any musicians out there who have done what I am doing and recorded their own albums and have any advice for me, i would be so grateful and would take in whatever you have to say!

If you have any requests for songs you would like to see on the album - i have made this post availabe for you to answer so please please let me know!

Whole School Assembly = Scary.

I was lucky enough to sing in my whole school assembly today!

I was terrified, so much more nervous than I’d ever been in my life but I’m so glad I did it! I’m so proud of myself!

I have just updated my gig dates page which allows you to see when I’m playing, this included a radio show coming up late august and so if you aren’t local to me but would like to hear me then you can listen to that!

I also wrote an entry on Chloe’s Diary which gives you a little more insight to today’s festivities! 



Originally performed by the characters Scarlett and Gunnar on my favourite show NASHVILLE.

Please check my cover out if you have some time<3

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Got ma hurr did.
What we could only describe as a #kimkardashian flick;) #haircut #style #yay #short #makeup #cute

Got ma hurr did.
What we could only describe as a #kimkardashian flick;) #haircut #style #yay #short #makeup #cute

mintinu asked: Your voice reminds me of Cassadee Pope's voice c:

That’s so lovely! Thank you xxx



I wrote this song about a week ago and my friend Chris and I worked really hard last night playing around with it and this is what we’ve got! We’re both pretty proud of it so if you could spare 3 minutes of your time to have a listen and tell us what you think, it would be awesome♥

Amazing! 😃 Love the song, and your voice improves every time I hear it. Definite fan over here .

That’s so sweet! Thank you so much:3