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Anonymous asked: How do you come up with cord progressions that flow?

Honestly - I usually copy from other peoples songs - you’ll find that most chord patterns are usually stolen from other people! Also, a lot of musicians use the same chord patterns over and over again just moving the capo to a different fret. I’ve done this several times and Ed Sheeran has admitted that pretty much all of his debut album is the same chord pattern just in different keys! - hope this helps! Xxx

Feeling like #zoella in my #collar - gig tonight!

Feeling like #zoella in my #collar - gig tonight!

Kate Moss lipsticks are the best. 💄- just filmed a massive haul on my YouTube channel.  #youtube#haul#love#youtuber#zoella#lipstick#katemoss

Kate Moss lipsticks are the best. 💄- just filmed a massive haul on my YouTube channel. #youtube#haul#love#youtuber#zoella#lipstick#katemoss

helloissay asked: Thanks for the follow. I love you x. Good luck on your music

Thanks so much:3xx

helloissay asked: Hey . Your so so so talented. Could you follow me and ill follow back?


Musical Game!

Keep me occupied whilst I’m baby sitting -
Send me an artists name and I’ll write a short but honest review of them:3

ocean-cali asked: Hi, you're pretty and a really good singer! Keep posting videos :) you're amazing.

Thank you so much:3

lime-pie asked: Ur soo pretty <3

Aw you sweetie! Thank you so much:3


This happens to be something I’ve had various conversations about in the past so I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way. 
I know not all guys are like this calm down. 
Feel free to comment your own opinions. 
And maybe this means that all these pervs might leave me alone;)

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hey guys please check out her cover, is so good she has a beautiful voice and deserves more views xxxxx

Thank you so much, you’ve made me so happy right now:3

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500 views! Thank you so much:3

If this was to get to 1000 views I would freak out so much. Dropping hints here guys, no pressure. I love you all 💕🎶

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I love wearing 1000 kisses - Rimmel London. 👄💄

I love wearing 1000 kisses - Rimmel London. 👄💄

Anonymous asked: When are you going to make another 'chloe chats' video?

I’m planning to make one next week:)

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