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lostwanderinghearts asked: Thank you so much for making that video - I'm going through recovery now and I've been feeling so numb and worthless recently and I've been terrified of relapsing and I'm so glad you made that video because it really reassured me!

I’m so sorry to hear that but I’m glad I was able to help - the main thing is to not torture yourself about it and instead of thinking that you’re failing because you may relapse think of how much you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come!

Anonymous asked: You have a really pretty voice ... I would listen to your songs always ...💕 keep on going

Thank you for your lovely, lovely message! That’s so sweet<3 

This was really hard to film but i’m glad i did it if its going to help people. 

as requested by you lovely people:)

Me talking about depression and other mental illness. 








hey guys please check out her cover, is so good she has a beautiful voice and deserves more views xxxxx

Thank you so much, you’ve made me so happy right now:3

If you have some time to reblog this into your blog it would mean the world to me 💕

500 views! Thank you so much:3

If this was to get to 1000 views I would freak out so much. Dropping hints here guys, no pressure. I love you all 💕🎶

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esmeevanvliet asked: Jeej thankyou i will look out for it:D love from hollandxx

If you have a Facebook account like my page - Chloe Hanks Music and it will be shared on there as soon as the cover is done! Loving the song so far!

Anonymous asked: i agree with the anon below - i think to make a depression video would be a good idea and help loads of people!

Okay, i am seriously considering this. I have one more day of school tomorrow so I might do it then:)

esmeevanvliet asked: Could you do sweater weather- the neighbourhood? ?

I’ve never heard that song before but I will put it on my list! Watch out for it;)xx

esmeevanvliet asked: Omg youre such a good singer♡

Thank you so much!

Anonymous asked: hi chloe, i find u an absolute inspiration and i wondered if u would ever consider making a chats vid about ur depression and stuff and how u coped? i think there r a lot of ppl who would benefit from watchin it

Firstly thank you for your message - that’s really sweet of you! 

 Secondly, i’ve never actually thought of that until you said. I know i’ve written a few blog posts about it and stuff but i’ve never thought of doing a video. I’m not to sure how i feel about exposing all those issues on my youtube yet though but I’m not saying no, i suppose i’ll have a think about it and see if any other people thing it would be a benefit. I’m only really reluctant because i know some kids from school know about my youtube and have subscribed and may watch it and i dont know exactly how they’d treat me because of it… but if you think it would help some people then i will absolutely look into it.

Anonymous asked: Oi